Feedback from NZCR Customers

This page [Facebook] has changed many of my views on carseats and now my 2.5 year old and ten month old are alot safer in the car.

Facebook (March 2012)

You inspired me last night and I reported 3 expired seats listed on TM which were removed.

Facebook (March 2012)

Just wanted to say your website has grown tremendously from last year. Good work and congratulations.

Safe Kids (February 2009)

I want to say childrestraints that I'm glad you're representing safety as you do. I put my daughter in a booster too early and the lady at the store just said the pegasus was the best choice - I knew of nothing else! I'm glad someone is standing to be the one to inform. There is so little info out there and honestly, I've learnt that the sales assistants aren't necessarily going to sell you what is best.
I love your cause.

Australia (August 2008)

Congratulations on the website! It has provided me a lot of useful tips and information, and has the best online explanation I've read regarding the benefits of rear-facing.

Email (July 2008)

Firstly I heard about NZ Child Restraints through Trademe. Someone had your website on their auction and this is the best information I have recieved in my whole life about the safety of child restraints.

Email (July 2008)

Once again, many thanks and keep up the fantastic work you do - it is truely invaluable to so many people - you should be v[very] proud of yourself.

Email (June 2008)

Once again, thanks for your excellent reply. And the NZCR web site is soooooo helpful. I really had no idea before reading it. Now I feel like I'm making an informed decision.

Email (May 2008)

Thank you so much for your advice.  It's great to have an independent source of information that isn't taken directly from an instruction manual.  I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, good advice is not always easy to find, and I imagine some parents probably assume that just because their toddler is bigger, they're more durable. Thank you again for the great work you do.

Email (May 2008)

Wow - what an excellent site and response. I really appreciate all of the info and fast response. Treasures, Littlies and plunket should get a link to your can be really confusing and frustrating as a parent when you know what you want and can't get it (or get access to the right info)......
So....thanks heaps and I'll be telling my friends about this web site

Email (May 2008)

Cheers, guardian of the car seats = )

Trade Me (May 2008)

Goodness you replied on a Sunday – which was also Mother’s Day - thank you ever so much.

Email (May 2008)

I am impressed by your web site, and finding it VERY useful when considering buying the car seat for my 6 month old.

Email (May 2008)

What an excellent web site!

Email (April 2008)

Older feedback

Thanks very much for a good comprehensive answer.
Jo Email (March 2008)

I would just like to say thank you for your very informative web site...a great source of information!
Alison Email (March 2008)

Thanks, I appreciate all the information you've supplied about car seats laws etc. Very informative indeed... rock on!
Anton Trade Me (February 2008)

First of all, what a brilliant web site! I hope you are funded to provide this wonderful service. After thorough investigation of your web site I have discovered to my surprise and shame that none of my three children have been properly restrained.

I really am quite amazed not only at how facilitating you are ABLE to be, but also the sheer breadth of your knowledge of all the different types of car seats and configurations.

Thanks again for your work putting all this important information in one place, it must have been a big job.

On going communication
Email (January 2008)

Thanks for your great web site, certainly it has make me more aware of my children's safety.
Email (January 2008)

Firstly may I say this is a fantastic web site.  I have found the information to be incredibly helpful ......
Email (September 2007)

Hi, i would just like to say i've seen a few of your comments over the last few months on different car seats that have been for auction. It has been very helpful in making the safest decision for my baby and children. I have checked out some of your comments on the govt web sites and plunket web site and it all checks out. I have noticed understandably that the person running the auction has at times gotten quite upset but it's great to know that some1 out there is looking out for our kids safety. 
Trade Me (September 2007)

I am so impressed with your service.  I did as you suggested, and the clip seems to be working! Thanks so much- it's not often I experience service like yours.
Email (August 2007)

I just had a really quick browse on your site, it is GREAT, really bright, and clear, and each time I clicked on a new subject, (or menu item) it went to that really really quickly, it was instant. Fantastic.
Email (July 2007)

Informative car seat article - Tots to Teens (June/July 2007)

Thank you so much for the article you guys posted in the June/July article. My son has just turned 11 months and, is quite large for his age. At the moment he weighs 13kgs and my partner and I have been talking extensively about his car seat. He has one of those from birth till (approx) 3 or 4 years old. We still have him facing rear, but my partner wanted to bolt his chair in forward facing. So thank you guys for helping us clear that up. Also my 7-year-old daughter has a booster seat, and I was constantly being told by others that she was too old for it. THANK YOU SO MUCH! She's quite a bit smaller then most 7-year-olds, and I'm so grateful that the article proved I was right all along. I passed the information on to several friends, who now have booster seats for their school-age children.

P. Tapiata, Auckland
Response cited in Tots to Teens (August/September 2007)


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