Date of Manufacture

Most car seats will have a sticker with the date on the side of, or underneath the seat. All seats have a clock system stamped on them, some are easy to locate while others are hidden under the seat covers. The manufacture date helps identify how old the seat is, if it has been in any recalls and when it can no longer be used based on its life span.

DOM Sticker

Maxi rider manufacture date

Manufacture date
Date clocks can be seen
below manufacturers barcode

Manufacture date

(left) Maxi Rider II showing standards sticker (AS/NZS 1754), seat barcode showing model & series number and the manufacture date below that (02-03-2007).
(right top) Manufacture date on a 2007 Babytrend Flex-loc capsule - also shows clocks underneath. (right bottom) Official Evenflo capsule manufacture date sticker and model number.


DOM Clock

Maxi rider II

Maxi Rider II - Top left, year 08 (clock shows 04 - 09, arrow on 08), right, month 3 (clock shows 1-12, arrow on 3), bottom right - day (clock shows 0-9, arrow on 5). Therefore this seat was made 05 March 2008.


Safe-n-Sound Premier - Top left, day (clock shows intervals of 1,5,10...25, arrow on 12), bottom left - year (clock shows 04 - 10, arrow on 05), right - month (clock shows 1-12, arrow on 7). Therefore this seat was made 12 July 2005.

manufacture clock
Manufacture clock shown on infant capsule. Clearly shows year (07) and month (April). Therefore this car seat was made in April 2007.
07 o o o   o     o o o o o
08 o   o   o o o o o o o o
09 o o o o   o o   o o o  
10 o o                    
European date stamp found on some UK ECE 44.03 car seats.
Not all squares may contain a dot
Top row - month
Column - year (11 = 2011)
Dot on last square shows manufacture date, this one about shows F/10 which means it was made in February of 2010.
It is important to note that the dots are always raised and should not be indented, an indented dot may have been added by someone who is not authorised to do so.

Expiry Date

Expiry date - Evenflo capsule
Evenflo capsule showing expiry date below seat belt slots on the rear of the seat. On all Evenflo capsules since 1998. Now commonly sighted on many other brands of car seats sold in New Zealand.

LTSA state: "Check the child restraint for a date of manufacture or a 'do not use after' date. Some seats have a six-year life and some have as long as 10 years. Don't use a restraint that is more than 10 years old."

If you cannot find the manufacture date sticker on your child seat, or one you are looking to buy, it is likely that the seat has expired or has been over used. The manufacture date is stamped to all car seats made since 1999 (some brands earlier). Some companies place these stamps under the over or in small gaps of the car seat. Most stamps however, are placed on the back of the car seat.

For additional guidance, a lifespan table is available. This is always from the date of manufacture, not purchase.

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