Important Notices

Evenflo Discovery
March 2008
Advisory notice

An advisory notice has been placed against these seats due to the possibility that the seat may come detached from its base in the event of a side impact accident.

Evenflo Discovery Capsule

June 2008 update
Some parents are confusing the fix kit for these bases with the latch strap already attached to the base. The fix strap is thin black strap with white stripe that has a hook at each end an adjuster at one end only and is not attached to the base of the seat. The latch strap comes attached to the base and should not be removed or used to attach the seat to be base.

This statement has come to our attention
"People who bought this model [390/391 Discovery] were told to take it back to The Baby Factory and get a new strap for the base. This has been done. However, since then it has been re-approved for use without the additional strap. You can phone Transport Information, or Plunket to confirm that this car seat model [391 Discovery] is A-OK".

The statement above is incorrect
- The seat did not have to be taken back, the straps are available at the Baby Factory and can be collected free of charge. Affected seats have been cleared for use without the clip, unless the base is not used, the seat can be used on its own without the base. LTSA do not have any role in this advisory nor do Plunket, it was issued by the manufacturer of the car seats in USA. Newer discovery models are not affected (March 2008 onwards) as the red release clips have been modified.

All Evenflo capsules with model numbers with 390XXXX XX and 391XXXX XX that are being used with a base ARE part of this advisory and should be used with the fix kit at all times.

evenflo base

Image showing straps fitted to base (latch & fix strap). Evenflo off base
Evenflo discovery capsule off base after a simulated accident. All seats with model numbers beginning with: 390, 391, 534, 552 are involved in this advisory. The model number can be found under the seat along with the manufacture date (shown below).

Evenflo model #
This seat was not involved in the recall and is for indicative purposes only. Evenflo have given the following advice:
"Consumers should continue to use their Discovery infant car seat and there is no need to return it to retailers. It is recommended that you discontinue using the base until your clip has arrived."

Evenflo fix kit
Fix kit shown above - 1) strap, 2) fitted to base, 3) hooked to car seat on base, 4) car seat on base, strap tightened to prevent it from coming off the base. Click above image for further details.

If you have an Evenflo Discovery that has the above model number and you need a fix kit.
Please visit your local Baby Factory store for a replacement (no proof of purchase needed). Kits are free. If you have any problem with obtaining one from your local store please contact their head office. Do not let them tell you it does not affect your seat. As mentioned, if your seat is one of the above model numbers made before March 2008, then it DOES need a kit if you wish to use it with the base.

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