Important Notices

Evenflo Portabout and Evenflo Apollo
October 2007
Unapproved expiration date changes & additional stickers

An important note on Evenflo car seats - Please Read

Evenflo ApolloEvenflo Portabout

The expiry date should be stamped into the plastic on the back of the seat. It should sit slightly raised, not indented. The font should match and the alignment should be relative.

The portabout also has a small series of clocks under the expiry date, there should be 4 clocks, on some of these seats the year clock has been removed. Do not buy this seat, as there is not accurate way of telling when it was made. However, Evenflo Portabout car seat capsules were last made in 2005, these seats will all have expired by the end of 2011 (Safety Belt Safe USA, Page 4, top row, Evenflo Portabout)

The Evenflo Apollo was last made in 2002, this means they will all have expired by the end of 2008. (Safety Belt Safe USA, Page 5, top row, Evenflo Apollo)

Evenflo car seats are made in USA and must display the additional yellow New Zealand "S" mark to be legally sold here.

Normal Stamp
Correct dates shown below -
Model# L2 refers to bases, L1 refers to the seat.

Normal StampNormal Stamp Normal StampNormal Stamp
Correct stamps/dates shown above
Manufacture sticker (image 4) is a long rectangular shape

affectedaffectedaffected affectedaffected affected affected affected affected affected affected
Evenflo in the USA did not permit any of these changes (above), the stickers are not factory issued.

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