Lifespan Table

All car seats (includes capsules, convertibles and booster seats) expire. This includes imported car seats from all countries. The lifespan range is typically 5-10 years from the date of manufacture (DOM). Some people are told that it is from the date of purchase, however this is not correct.

The table below covers a range of seats sold in New Zealand.

Brand Standard Life span
Axkid UK ECE 10 years
Babylove AS/NZS 10 years
Babysafe UK ECE
Capsules   6 years
Car seats and boosters   10 years
Babywell UK ECE 6 years
Brio UK ECE 10 years
Boulevard  NZS 7 years
Frontier NZS 9 years
European Models UK ECE 10 years
Diono NZS
Convertible harness mode [XTSL/RXT/R100/Rainier/Olympia]   8 years
Convertible Booster mode [RXT/R100] 10 years
Convertible booster mode [Rainier/Olympia] 12 years
Cambria Booster 10 years
Monterey booster  8 years
Dorel  NZS
Cosco Scenera   8 years
Complete Air 8 years
Edinburgh UK ECE
Capsules 6 years
Roadstar 6 years
3 in 1 models 10 years
Boosters 10 years
Evenflo NZS
Symphony   8 years
Capsules/Convertibles 6 years
Combined boosters 6 years
Graco UK UK ECE 6 years
Infa Secure AS/NZS 10 years
Mamma's and Pappa's UK ECE 5 years
Maxi Cosi
Infant Capsules & Base AS/NZS & NZS 6 years
Infant Capsules & Base UK ECE 5 Years
Complete Air AS/NZS 8 years
American Models NZS 8 years
European Models UK ECE 5 years
Milano UK ECE
Capsule with base   10 years
3 in 1 booster  6 years
Dedicated booster 10 years
Phil and Teds UK ECE 6 years
European Models UK ECE 10 years
American Models NZS  6 years
Safe N Sound AS/NZS 10 years
Safety 1st NZS
Capsules 6 years
Convertibles 6 years
Complete Air 8 years
Advance/Elite 10 years
Boosters 6 years
Boosters AS/NZS 1754 10 years
SKEP UK ECE 5 years
Sunshine kids See Diono  
Super Nanny / Juniors UK ECE  
Capsules   6 years
Convertibles   6 years
3 in 1 models   10 years
Boosters   10 years
Please note, many seats have printed expiration dates on them, or will have a life span stated in the manual, the same company may make changes at different times.
Brands not mentioned
* Generally these are limited life span seats
* Valid for up to 6 years from the date of manufacture
* Assume a 6 year life span unless the shell is embedded with a manufacture expiry date
* With the exception of those listed in the table above
* The expiry date is never taken from the date of sale, it is always from the date stamp on the seat shell
* All car seats, boosters and harnesses expire - there's no exception to this rule
* These seats/brands may be new to the market and not yet added to the table
* They may not be listed as often they are re-branded models of other seats above
* They may change brand names frequently
Updated August 2014

Maxi Cosi - Dorel [America] - August 2014

"Car seats are a safety device. To properly protect your child, the car seat must be in good shape and all labels and instructions present and readable. Dorel Juvenile Group car seats now have expiration dates molded into the shell and sometimes the base of the car seat. The expiration date will be from 6 to 8 years after the manufacture date."

Amendment to Edinburgh seats [27.06.14] following confirmation from supplier. 6yrs was set as defult until we'd heard other wise. This is a tolerance that most seats have, the average lifespan for most brands is 6 years.

*NYA - Not yet approved/certifed. Pending. New seat awaiting testing/certification

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