Important Notices

Milano Capsule
November 2007
Missing standards stickers

Seat model F005 Milano capsule F005 sold at Baby City and missing standards label, this affects seats sold with a stoller (travel system). The weight limit label is also incorrect.

Milano Capsule - No sticker

Milano infant capsules sold as part of a travel system (with stroller) at Baby City may not have the red "UK ECE E# 44.03" sticker attached.

Sold at Baby City stores throughout New Zealand
Legally car seats cannot be sold in New Zealand without the standards sticker attached.

Milano - base - sticker present Milano - no base - sticker present

The weight label on these seats do not match the standards sticker weight limit of 13kgs, the seat itself states 10kgs, we are waiting for an update on this issue.

We are also keeping an eye on Trade Me auctions to alert sellers if their seat does not have the standards sticker attached. Baby City have not released any recall or repair kits for these seats to date, but will post out replacement stickers if you provide us with your details.

Contact us for details on how you can get the sticker for you capsule. Please provide details from you seat. The model number, cover colours and manufacture date to

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