We Check, Install and Sell Car Seats

Here at NZ Child Restraints we offer a range of services to our families.

Firstly all checks, sales and isntalls are carried out by a certified child restraint technician, who holds a current cerificate and has bi-annual re-checks and has done since February 2006.

Secondly all checks, installs and trials are tailored to your needs, for your car, budget and child's needs. We offer the ability to view and trial seats for fit with no pressure to buy and time to think about it away from our office.

Car seat checks on your current install, per vehicle and make any needed changes to your set up. This may be tightening seat belts, swapping seats to rear or forward facing, connecting tether straps to bolts/locating bolts and checking for isofix connectors and seat belt types. Some installs require a locking clip be fitted to improve the install.

Trial checks - like the look or sound of a seat, but not sure if it will fit your car, or if it's really want you want for your child? You're invited to come and look at our seats, trial them for fit in your car, and with your child (if they come along too). You can touch it, smell it if you want and be sure it's what you want before you decide to order. We believe that buying your child's car seat is an important decision, one not to be made without thought and care.

Install check - bought a seat elsewhere? Had it installed by another store? Not sure the install is right, not sure if the tether is on the right point? Want a second opinion? Come along and we'll have a look for you.

Rent2Own Scheme - Pay off your next stage seat while making use of one of our correctly installed infant capsules. We fit the right seat to your car, so there's no loose install, or passenger up in the dash board.

Independent - There's no store pressure here, we've been in the industry for 10 years now, with no brand pressure, great prices and still keeping our 1 on 1 service, especially for you and your little ones.

Limitations - Like any good indepent service, we're small scale, so we are not open every day of the week, as we like to spend time with our little family too. So we keep that alive by offering service with affordable prices, just email us to discuss your needs, and we will team up a suitable time to talk to you, and show you our stock, to provide you with the best proproducts.

Fees - We have low cost fees for our service. No extra costs for installations where the seat is purchased through us! Check up and follow up services are at our everyday low price. The fee drops with each visit until you're that much of a regular we cap it!

Talk to us about your car seat needs, you can reach us via email, or Facebook. You can make an appointment to see us as well.