Important Notices

Safe-n-Sound (Britax) weight limits
May 2007 - ongoing
Using your car seat to 20kgs

Britax Product Information Bulletin - 07 December 2006 (PDF file)

Following the death of Kyle David Miller in the USA in May 2005, Britax Australia released a bulletin about the testing and use of their child restraints.

Convertible car seats, and combined booster seats with integral harness are rated for children either NB to 18kgs, or 8 to 18kgs respectively. Britax AU however, test these seats with crash test dummies that weigh 20kgs, using the integral harness.

Please note: Britax car seats sold in NZ and AU are labelled "Safe-n-Sound" and are rated for use until 18kgs (convertible seats). The bulletin is a guideline and is not stated by the manufacturer nor is it printed on the car seat, or the instruction booklet. This therefore becomes a parental decision if you do decide to use the seat longer.

The following bulletin outlines the concerns regarding Kyle's injuries, the USA car seats and what you can do with your Safe-n-Sound branded Britax car seat for children you wish to keep harnessed.

You may like to consider the NEW Maxi Rider AHR coming to NZ in mid July, this allows use of the protecta harness with children 14-26kgs. It has an additional set of harness slots, which keeps the Protecta harness at or above your child's shoulders. An additional 7cm of height is expected.

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