United Kingdom Standard

UK 44.03

UK ECE R44.03
Characteristics: Orange or red square sticker for NZ imported and white for UK purchased.

ECE R44 03 is an international standard for all restraint systems. The seats are marked as "universal" which means they fit most cars around the world, however this does not mean all.

New Zealand imported car seats appear to have an orange sticker. Seats bought over from the UK may not be coloured at all (left). All appear to have an "E" in a circle with a number. The number will be different from seat to seat.  Not all UK standard seats have these details on a sticker. Some are printed on fabric panels on the seat. These stickers also tell you the weight range for the seat it is attached to.

UK standard seats require the harness to be at or above the infant's shoulder.

The red circle shows where the orange, red or white "UK R44.03 " standard sticker is found on this child restraint. Some seats may have them one the side, or under any pockets attached to the seat cover.

The standard amendment number four of ECE R44.04, was introduced at the end of June 2005, and all new child car seats had to meet this standard from the end of June 2006.

"This R44.03 norm dates from 1 September 1994 and a seat older than this, e.g.R44/02 or R44/01, is definitely no longer safe to install in present-day cars and is therefore dangerous". - Daniela Renniers


So what is tested? *G = Force of Gravity

Front Impact Tick 22 G Force
Rear Impact Tick 14-21 G Force
Side Impact  
Inverted Impact  
Genital Injury Test  
So what's tested? Little Treasures Oct/Nov 07.


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